About Us

Samuel Enoka Kalama Intermediate School serves five distinct Upcountry Maui communities.  Known as the 50 Mile Bridge School, the boundary for Kalama spans 50 linear miles from border to border receiving students from Paia, Makawao, Kula, Pukalani and Haiku elementary schools.  It also holds the Kaiapuni Program (Hawaiian Immersion), where many students come from Central Maui.  Located in the heart of Upcountry in Makawao, the school is grounded on the traditions and heritage of its surrounding community. 


Through the Resources for Enrichment, Athletics, Culture, and Health (REACH) Grant and STEMworks (via Maui Economic Development Board and Kamehameha Region Office), student extra-curricular activities have offered students opportunities to play interscholastic sports, enrich in art, dance, and music, and develop STEM-related skills.  


With a greater emphasis placed on project-based learning, relativity of learning, and expansion of community partnerships, the school has increased the number of learning excursions (field trips) for the year.  The school’s belief is that the more that students can be connected to their community, the more engaged they will be in their learning.  The adoption of a new bell schedule has increased time for flexible learning activities called Interichment (a mix of Intervention and Enrichment). Focus was placed on strengthening Math and Reading literacy for academic intervention and school-wide time for clubs for enrichment.