Welcome to Kalama!

Kalama is home to over 900 students ranging from past Huelo to Kipahulu. We serve grade 6th through 8th grade. We are one of the most diverse schools in the state both ethnically and socioeconomically. Kalama is a true representation of the state of Hawaii because you can see Hawaii in each of our student's faces. Students at Kalama embrace the diversity of our student population and at the same time have respect for Hawaiian culture and values, understanding the importance of this island and the towns that they come from. Many of our students are quite talented in music, art, song, sports, academics, and leadership. They navigate our campus with pride and respect for each other.
Below you will find helpful resources to help your student succeed at Kalama Intermediate. 
General Learning Outcomes: GLOs
GLOS are the backbone of every student's education in Hawai'i. When a student graduates high school, these are the 6 essential skills that they should have to be successful global citizens. Teachers at Kalama continue to teach their subjects with GLOs being the core of their curriculum. 

Self Directed Learner: a person who is responsible for their own learning and is an independent goal-oriented learner.

Community Contributor: a person who takes care of the people and resources in their community.

Complex Thinker: a person who accepts the challenge of a difficult task and reflects, reacts and adjusts to the work.

Quality Producer: a person who puts great effort into all activities until they have reached a high quality of work that meets or exceeds the requirements.

Effective Communicator: a person who can clearly express his/her knowledge, thoughts and ideas through writing and speaking and is respectful of the thoughts and ideas of others.

Effective and Ethical User of Technology: a person who uses technology to positively support his/her learning and community.


appSpeak Now Anti-Bullying App

We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable learning atmosphere for all students. Students are encouraged to report any incident to a trusted adult.  In addition to this, HIDOE's anti-bullying app gives students an anonymous option in reporting bullying incidents that happen on campus, on HIDOE transportation, or during HIDOE-sponsored events. The HIDOE Speak Now app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Learn more here.



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Infinite Campus provides real-time access to your grades, assignments and attendance! Download the app to stay up-to-date. Learn more here.



Positive Behavior Matrix

positive behavior matrix


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